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We Build WebSites and Digital Services Considering how important digital technologies, especially websites, are in today’s times, our company has been created to fully cater to the needs of all companies.For more than 10 years, KrishTeck Technologies is the number one provider of digital marketing, SEO services, digital business card, digital identity card, doodle videos, web design and digital products services across Tamil Nadu.

OUR STORY: We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place We started our company in 2010. At that time, our primary objective was to adapt our organisation to emerging digital technologies. Our company started with four people and has now grown to over 50 web developers. First, we took great pains to understand our customer sentiments. What customers expect from us and what they are satisfied with. We have had a lot of training over the years on how to communicate with them. At our company we only take customer satisfaction very seriously.

ELEGANT WEBSITES: Before we build your website we design , functionality, ease of use, better vision on mobile and tablet, fresh and quality content, optimised for search and social websites.We also consider your website’s content, usability, visual, visibility, and communication. Mainly we focus on making the navigation of your curve attractive and up-to-date.In our design we are concerned with form, colour, space, shape, line, value and texture, movement, balance, contrast, proportion, repetition, rhythm, variety, emphasis, harmony and unity..

GOAL: Increasing Customer Engagement We take great care in our profile, work and views to increase your engagement. For that we have included diverse and demanding content. And we take great care to listen to your feedback and value your experience. We are always waiting to create a valuable website for you.

progressive: This is a step-by-step method of getting your customers’ feedback right away when they land on your website.

Emotional: It’s about taking your customers deeper into your brand and experiences. This is useful for long-term customer services.

Analytical: Refers to the methods used to measure data to assess the needs of your customers and identify preferences
Social It can reflect how much your customers interacts with your content, which can include likes, comments and shares.

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